SBD Podcast #162 - Mike Ikilei, The Kamehameha Of Bali MMA

March 15, 2018

Original from New Zealand, Mike Ikilei recently joined Bali MMA and is now living the dream on this beautiful Indonesian island. Being an old school hip hop DJ back in the days, life has changed and he is now part of currently building one the strongest fight teams in Asia.


SBD Podcast #161 - Marcus Bubbleman Richardson, The Cannabis Photographing Pioneer

February 27, 2018

With Thailand picking up speed on the cannabis issue, I decided to talk to Marcus "Bubbleman" Richardson, so today it's all about cannabis on the #sbdpodcast ... medicine, photography, entrepreneurship, business, law and more!


SBD Podcast #160 - Javier Trujillo From Elite Trainings Centre

February 26, 2018

Javier Trujillo is an american MMA fighter located in Bangkok, Thailand. We talk about everything from health, training, life, motivation and much more.


SBD Podcast #159 - Justin Bratton, TV Host (Asias Got Talent), Actor And Filmmaker

February 25, 2018

Justin Bratton is a TV Host (Asia's Got Talent), actor and film maker from the US, based in Singapore. We recently met at the World Lethwei Championship in Myanmar and decided to talk travels and life over a few beers while he is visiting Bangkok.


SBD Podcast #158 - Ann Osman, The Complete Story

February 13, 2018

Ann Osman is a mixed martial artist who was the first Malaysian muslim female pro MMA fighter and fought, for ONE Championship until she recently decided to retire and pursue new challenges in life. 


SBD Podcast #157 - Eric Uresk From Phuket Top Team & Alliance MMA

February 8, 2018

Former Alliance MMA coach Eric Uresk is now the head MMA coach of Phuket Top Team in Thailand and is living life on a tropical island while living the dream. While his interests reach from fighting and coaching to floating and philosophy about life, this episode is set for an very entertaining conversation. 


SBD Podcast #156 - Tommy The Wildcard Hayden

February 7, 2018

Tommy "The WildCard" Hayden is a former UFC fighter and former Full Metal Dojo Champion, living, working and fighting in Thailand. 


SBD Podcast #155 - ONE Championship (Global Super Heroes) Recap With Bear Frazer

January 27, 2018

Today I will be catching up with my friend Bear Frazer and recap on the last few weeks of life and the ONE Championship "Global Super Heroes" event in Manila. 


SBD Podcast #154 - Dean Treml, The Red Bull Action Photographer

January 10, 2018

Dean Treml is a action photographer from New Zealand. Based in Switzerland Dean travels the world and is mostly know for his work for Red Bull and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series as well as his racing photography.


SBD Podcast #153 - Tiffany No Chill Teo, The Singaporean Super Women

January 8, 2018

Tiffany "No Chill" Teo is a martial artist fighting for the ONE Championship promotion. On January 20th, 2018, the Singaporean has the chance to become the first ever female straw weight world champion for ONE Championship.